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Synthetic Oil Change at Hibdon Auto Center in Orland, CA

One of our most popular services is the synthetic oil change because more modern vehicles are manufactured every year with engines running on it. We offer quality synthetic oil changes, including manufacturer-authorized synthetic motor oil and high-quality oil filters. The service is completed by skilled technicians who do this professionally, and service is completed quickly and conveniently at competitive pricing. If you need to secure a one-stop oil change provider with reliable service quality and unprecedented value, look no further than Hibdon Auto Center in Orland, CA.

Service and Parts Specials

Before your next oil change at our service department, be sure to review our current service and parts specials for the synthetic oil change service that you need to collect additional savings and value.

What is Synthetic Motor Oil?

Synthetic oil is man-made via chemical synthesis and does not contain any natural petroleum. It is designed to mimic oil's lubricative property but has a smaller molecule that improves its viscosity. It also contains additives that help it resist thermal breakdown for longer. As the most advanced motor oil technology, it offers the most extended change schedule of every 10,000 miles.

Why Oil Changes are Essential for the Engine

The engine’s moving parts need a lubricant to move freely and at the recommended temperature. Synthetic motor oil will eventually succumb to thermal breakdown and form into a sludge that neither lubricates nor cools the engine properly. Oil changes remove the threat of broken-down oil and the contamination that it contains. This cleans the engine while introducing fresh engine oil at peak viscosity. Oil changes are essential because they are one of the best ways to achieve reliable engine performance, fuel efficiency, and the longest life.

Problems with Extended Oil Changes

When the synthetic motor oil in your engine needs to be changed at 10,000 miles, but you put off service until 11,000 miles because you believe it is really not a problem as you have done this before, rest assured that this is wishful thinking. Sludgy broken-down oil with contaminants will not lubricate the moving parts properly, and friction will increase alongside heat. This friction and heat will allow for rapid component wear up, including damage if the situation is bad enough. Fuel efficiency will decline as the engine runs rougher and louder until finally, the engine overheats with catastrophic damages.

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