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Oil Change Services at Hibdon Auto Center

We offer quality automotive oil change services, including all major motor oil types for gasoline and diesel engines alike. We offer conventional, synthetic blend, and full-synthetic oil changes by a skilled technician, also installing a quality oil filter. If you need quality oil changes performed quickly, and at affordable pricing, we have just what you are looking for at Hibdon Auto Center in Orland, CA.

Types of Oil Changes

Why Are Oil Changes Scheduled Maintenance?

You will notice that scheduled maintenance services are those vital to overall vehicle performance emphasizing fuel efficiency, reliability, longevity, and safety. Oil changes are vital for the engine and offer the same benefits achieved through cleaning out the old broken down oil and its contaminants while introducing a fresh lubricant of the recommended viscosity. This helps to keep the engine firing smoothly, quietly, and reliably at low friction.

Engineers also know how long motor oil will last, on average, and the approximate miles when it needs to be changed. Since old motor oil has a point of diminishing benefit whereby friction increases to unacceptable levels with rapid wear and tear will happen, it is always an excellent decision to get the oil changed at the recommended miles.

Conventional Oil Change

This type of motor oil contains petroleum and has been lubricating combustion engines since they were invented. It has been advanced as a technology since then with today’s conventional oil containing additives that improve its viscosity and resistance to thermal breakdown. Engines running on conventional motor oil will need to have it changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Synthetic Blend Oil

This type of motor oil is also called semi-synthetic as it contains man made synthetic oil and petroleum-based conventional oil. It offers enhanced viscosity over conventional but does not outperform full synthetics. It offers an extended change interval beyond conventional at 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

Full-Synthetic Oil Change

Entirely produced without petroleum out of synthetic base stock, this is the most advanced motor oil technology offering enhanced viscosity via its smaller molecule and resists thermal breakdown for longer delivering a change interval of 7,500 to 10,000 miles.

Diesel Engine Oil Change

We service diesel engines with the oil change they need, including the recommended motor oil of the manufacturer's highest quality. A skilled technician will drain the old oil, inspect the diesel engine for leaks, change the fuel filter if needed, and install a new oil filter.

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