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Four-Wheel Alignment Service in Orland, CA

We offer a quality four-wheel alignment service at Hibdon Auto Center in Orland, CA. Your service will be completed by a skilled technician quickly and conveniently so you can get back on the road with a vehicle tracking properly with optimum traction. This will help your vehicle’s tires last longer and will help to create a pleasant driving experience while promoting safety while driving. When your AWD car or SUV or 4x4 truck needs a four-wheel alignment service, you should bring it to Hibdon Auto Center in Orland, CA for a quality service provided quickly and conveniently.

All About Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment describes how wheels are pointed and how the tires grip the road. The service is about adjusting the components where the wheel assemblies meet the suspension. Three angles are measured and adjusted called the camber, caster, and toe. Four-wheel alignment service is for correcting the wheel angles for all-wheel-drive (AWD) cars and SUVs and 4x4 trucks with drive power sent into all four wheels. The service is completed with specialized wheel alignment equipment and a skilled technician. Wheel alignment service begins when the vehicle is mounted to the wheel alignment equipment. The wheel angles are measured and adjusted to specifications. Four-wheel alignment service includes adjusting the angles at all four wheel positions. This will ensure that each wheel is pointed properly, opposite wheels are parallel, front wheels rotate parallel, and the tires grip the road at a 180-degree angle.

Ignoring Wheel Alignment

It spells big trouble for your tires, driving comfort, and safety when wheel alignment is neglected. You can review the typical progression of trouble when wheel alignment service does not happen:

1. Constantly adjusting or fighting the steering wheel to drive straight on a flat road
2. Rapid and uneven tire wear
3. Vibrating steering wheel or shaking in the cabin at speeds over 45 mph
4. Tires losing air pressure
5. Tire blowout while driving

Getting Your Wheels Aligned

You want to keep wheels in alignment to prevent rapid wear and safety. You might have noticed that faulty wheel alignment causes your vehicle to pull toward the side. You then have to constantly fight the wheel just to drive straight. This is not only a safety problem but this constant input of the steering wheel is also causing rapid tire wear as certain areas of the tires are handling an excessive load. Scheduling a wheel alignment service is one of the best ways to extend tire life, create a pleasant driving experience, reduce tire replacement costs, and stay safe.

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