Conventional Oil Change Service

Conventional Oil Change in Orland, CA

We offer conventional oil changes at our service department with the service performed quickly and conveniently at impressive quality and value at attractive pricing. Our oil changes are completed by a skilled technician, installing quality motor oil and oil filters. When you need a quality oil change performed quickly and conveniently at high quality, we invite you to get yours at Hibdon Auto Center’s convenient location in Orland, CA.

What is Conventional Motor Oil?

This type of motor oil begins as crude petroleum extracted from the earth. It is then processed significantly through several refinement stages and improved with additives that help extend its life. Engines lubricated with conventional motor oil will need to schedule change service every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Why are Oil Changes Scheduled Maintenance?

Oil changes are the single most important services for the engine. The combustion engine has moving parts that need to move as freely as possible to generate drive power effectively and efficiently. The problem is that motor oil will break down and will not lubricate the moving parts properly. When this happens, friction increases with heat that will cause rapid wear and tear. If the oil gets bad enough, the engine will overheat where damage will occur up to the engine seizing.

What are Risks of Extended Oil Changes?

We get this question asked a lot: does it really matter if I do not get my oil changes on time? This is usually asked by drivers that choose to drive beyond a recommended oil change interval or ignore the oil change monitoring system until they find it convenient to get an oil change. If your conventional oil needs to be changed at 3,000 miles but you choose to go 4,000, this is an extended oil change that invites the risks of a poorly lubricated engine with increased friction. Here is what happens when the engine is not lubricated properly:

  • Increased wear and tear
  • Loud engine operation
  • Reduced fuel efficiency

What Happens During Conventional Oil Change Service?

Service begins with our skilled technician that removes the broken down motor oil from the engine. As the old oil drains, we will remove the old oil filter and lubricate fittings. We will inspect the engine for leaks and install fresh conventional oil and a brand new oil filter to specifications. Schedule service online today.

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